August 01, 2017

AsianDate, the popular online dating service that offers men the opportunity to establish online relationships with beautiful Asian women, shows how to create a great-looking photo for your profile. The company, with its unmatched experience in helping men find compatible partners online, knows what goes into making a powerful and captivating profile that can get maximum attention.

“It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words but when it comes to your online dating profile, it’s definitely worth a lot more,” says Lawrence Cervantes, the Chief Communications Officer for AsianDate. “AsianDate is sharing some hot tips so that members can know how to get a great profile photo that will help them grab maximum eyeballs. Our experts have studied over a thousand profiles and found that the ones that get picked routinely are those which have great pics.”

One of the hottest tips that profile analyzing experts at AsianDate offer is to get outdoors while shooting that all-important photo. The natural settings of the outdoors can add more color and spontaneity to the photo. Men and women can take advantage of the greenery to add a touch of natural elements to their profile photo.

It is equally important to have a full-body shot rather than having a close-up picture of the face. If you are a sport-enthusiast and indulge in some action, you can pose in the act of bicycling, playing tennis or kayaking, just to deliver a subtle message about your fitness and energy levels.

Using photos in different styles is highly recommended as it will provide viewers a better perspective. The main photo can be a window to your profile and must obviously be the best one. Those browsing through several profiles will stop at one that looks the most attractive and captivating.

Eye contact and smile are two powerful features of a great photo that goes into a dating profile. AsianDate profile experts suggest looking straight into the camera and giving a natural smile that doesn’t show any nervousness in your expression. Powerful eye contact with the camera will make the photo look engaging and captivating.

AsianDate has been helping members get their profile photos right with expert tips and suggestions. They suggest that you use your most recent photo for better effect.

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September 01, 2016

AsianDate, the leading online dating service that has been helping Western singles find beautiful and charming Asian women, has shared some interesting information recently. Dating experts analyzing the preferences of western men have discovered that they prefer to have Chinese women as their companions for some very specific reasons.

“We have seen that members registered with have a strong tilt towards Chinese women in general, says Lawrence Cervantes, the portal’s Chief Communications Officer. “There are many reasons why Western men prefer dating Chinese women but the most predominant reason is their respect for family values. It is very apparent that Chinese women dominate the search on our site as men seem to be more enamored by them than other Asian women.”

Chinese women also believe that western men are more understanding and respect women better. They also pay more attention to their looks and appearance, the clothes and personal grooming. Chinese women prefer dating westerners because they are perceived as gentlemen who respect other people’s privacy and choices.

“The Chinese culture has undergone many remarkable changes in recent years, but what is important is that the family structure and the importance of family values are still cherished and respected, especially by the women of the family,” adds Cervantes. Regardless of whether they live in rural areas of the country or in the best-developed cities, Chinese women honor and respect family values.

Western women also perceive Chinese women as frugal and not overtly warped by consumerism which is a major flaw with European women. Chinese women are also known to have the patience of a saint, with family members as well as colleagues which help them build and nourish relationships. But at the same time, they also know when to be firm and put their foot down. Another key positive trait that western men notice in Chinese women is that they never try to change the way their men think. In fact, Chinese women encourage their partners to pursue their goals and are proud to be equal partners in their success.

AsianDate is acknowledged by western men as the most trusted online dating website where they can find the Chinese women of their dreams by using the portal’s advanced dating tools and features.

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